DPP-80 Automatic Blister Packing Machine


  DPP-80 is developed into the international version of the new packaging equipment based on the functional characteristics of international leading flat packing machine and our company’s years of packaging technology experience. DPP-80 have powerful functions and intelligent operation platform to achieve multi-variety production of packaging technology. According to the existing technology, it can achieve coordination, stability, consumption saving, high efficiency. The machine is suitable for pharmacy, food, medical equipment, cosmetics, health care products and handicrafts and other fields. The equipment structure and packaging process are fully in line with the "GMP" requirements.

  DPP series blister packaging machine implements aluminum-plastic sealed packaging, which can extend the retention period, beautify the goods, and reduce packaging costs. The production capacity reaches 2400 versions per hour. This machine is suitable for sealing tablets, capsules, soft capsules, candies, big honey pills, injections and other items. It is an ideal packaging equipment for the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries.


1. Equipped with a new PVC installation station, the maximum film diameter can reach 60 cm, the number of PVC replacements is reduced; PVC fast cutting device can be quickly connected to PVC, which is easy to operate;

2. The molding device, heat sealing device, batch number device, and punching device all adopt the mold change method of guiding push-in handle locking to ensure that the mold change is fast, and there is no need to use wrenches and other tools when disassembling and assembling.

3. The mechanical transmission part is separated from the material running part, which is easy to clean and reduce oil pollution.

4. There are devices of visual detection of waste, tangential indentation, batch number and waste shredding and recycling, cursor plate.

5. Cylinder positive pressure heat sealing, automatic separation of heat sealing mold after shutdown, no scalding of packaging materials, and the machine life is prolonged.

2. Main Technical Parameter



Punch Frequency

10-23 times/min

Capacity (80mm*57mm sheet)

2400 plates per hour

Max. Forming Area and Depth

70mm*800mm*26mm (Over 15mm, need customize)

Travel Range

20-75mm (optional)

Air Pressure

0.6-0.8 Mpa

Main Motor Power


Total Power

380V/220V 50Hz 1.8 kw

PVC Material


PTP Alu Foil


Dialysis Paper


Mould Cooling

Running Water or Recycle Water

Noise Index.

Less than 75dBA

Machine Dimension


Machine Weight