CGN208-D Semi-automatic Capsule Filling Machine

This machine consists of sowing mechanism, filling mechanism, locking mechanism, frequency converter, pneumatic and electric control systems, protection device, vacuum pump and its accessories (optional), suitable for machine-made capsule in domestic or imported and hand-made capsule. The qualified rate of finished capsules can reach 98% or above.

1. Brief Introduction

CGN208-D capsule filling machine is a latest model with great efficiency, developed on the base of DTJ-C (old model). It adopts straight pins to position the whole sowing assembly, reducing the time of changing and adjusting mould to 5~8 minutes. Comparing to the old model, this machine is simpler and more intuitive on capsule feeding, turning around, vacuum separating and human operation, with higher rate of good finished capsules.  It combines electric appliances with pneumatic system to control, novel structure and beautiful appearance. We equip this machine with automatic counting device, PLC and frequency converter to control speed, which can respectively finish capsule feeding, separating, filling and locking, instead of handwork, to reduce the labor intensity and enhance productivity with accurate filling weight, in accordance with the pharmacy hygiene requirements.

2. Main Technical Parameter



Application Capsule

#00, #0, #1, #2, #3, #4, #5/Different size need different mold


10,000-20,000 piece per hour

Dosage Type


Power Supply


Machine Size




Packing Details

1800x1200x1700mm, Gross Weight:480Kg

3. Machine Structure